Work Hard or Hardly Work?

In today’s email, I received a newsletter that included this quote – “The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”  — Robert Frost


After reading this I concluded that I fell into the first category. Throughout our lives we are taught that the harder you work, the more successful you’ll become.  From age 16 to my current age of XX (you’ll just have to guess) I did exactly that.  I always had a part-time job while in school, followed by a career after graduation and finally started my own small business.  Believe me I worked hard to accomplish all of this. 


I’m inclined to agree that with age comes wisdom because I’m now in the category of letting the rest of them work.  No, I didn’t become lazy. I’m still willing to work but I simply realized I don’t have to be spending 20 hours a day working on my business when I can hire someone else to complete small time consuming projects and still be profitable.


Out sourcing and sub-contracting is not new news to larger businesses but small businesses like mine can’t always afford to sacrifice profits for the luxury of finding spare time. By sub-contracting part-time work to college students with flexible schedules, I freed up about 10 hours per week while still holding on to 85% of my profit. Now that’s something a small business owner can live with.  Finding quality tech savvy college students was as easy as posting a flyer on student center bulletin boards at 3 local colleges.  This one change to my business model allowed me to pursue other income streams like making money on the Internet.


This same business model can be applied to Internet Sales & Marketing.  There are many websites like, or where you can hire independent contractors to launch a successful Internet business. You can find web designers, SEO guru’s, keyword experts and the like but the problem I’ve found when using these sites is that their project quotes are usually too high for my modest budget.


So how do I get my Internet Marketing business model that doesn’t require more of my time and tons of money?   It’s an innovative website which teaches you how to achieve a 17 hour work week while increasing your income through outsourcing.  I am NOT exaggerating but if you don’t believe that claim, check it out for yourself HERE or come back to read my next post where I’ll explain the concept in more detail.