What’s In Your Recipe?

About a month ago I was working on one of those famous computer repairs for a friend and was invited to stay for dinner as payment for my efforts.  It wasn’t anything fancy, just a simple pot of Chili.  Maybe it was the fact that I was extremely hungry or maybe she created it from a gourmet recipe but whatever it was, I swear that it was the very best Chili I had ever tasted! 


I asked for the recipe and my friend started to hem & haw before replying, “Uh, I really don’t have a written recipe I just throw ingredients together.  Sometimes it tastes better than others and you just happened to have one of the better batches”.


Driving home I started thinking that I was treating my attempts at Internet Marketing in the same unformulated fashion as her Chili recipe.  Some things worked well and other attempts were “garbage worthy duds”. I needed to find a recipe that works for me. 


One ingredient in my new recipe is the Marketing Masterclass I am taking but another one is an eBook I purchased called  Silent Sales Machine. This book discusses “Silent Sales Machines” hidden on eBay and how to make them work for you while you sleep. It’s not just about eBay either, it also includes many ideas of what works online.  I found many of these ideas simple to implement with little out of pocket cost.


This is a must read for those who  don’t have a website or don’t know how to drive enough traffic to their website to make any money.  Why worry about generating traffic when you can sell where millions shop already?


The third ingredient is a membership to MySilentTeam which I discovered after buying the eBook.  This site is loaded with articles, tools, free products and advice from 40+ contributing  experts in this field.  Talk about recipes.  It’s like reading a Betty Crocker cook book. If you sign up for a membership to MySilentTeam you can save some money because members get the 2009 version of The Silent Sales Machine for free in the bonus pool.  You can sign up for a 5 day trial for $5.00 so it’s very inexpensive to see how much this membership site has to offer.


Right now those are my three main ingredients. When I develop my “secret” ingredient, I’ll be back to share it with you just like Duke with the secret to Bush’s Baked Bean recipe.


What’s in your recipe?  Feel free to share it  by submitting a comment.

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