It’s Truly Amazing

You probably noticed from my last post that I am a big pet lover. I prefer dogs because the only thing a dog wants out of life is to unconditionally please his/her owner while asking very little of us in return.   


One of the things I try to do at least twice a day is to provide my pup with some dedicated play time.  Sometimes it’s before I leave for work and I always set time aside after dinner.  When I play with him I try to teach him tricks like sit, shake paw, rollover.  It’s nothing complicated like trying to catch a Frisbee, just the basics.  While we both have fun, I discovered I’m not good at teaching him anything. 


Feeling somewhat incompetent, I was on a quest to try to become a better trainer.  Once again I started searching the Internet for articles, eBooks or even videos that might help me become a better teacher/trainer.


It really didn’t take long to find an on-line program that was developed by a Professional Trainer.  I reviewed the free tips video and taught my pup how to “Shake-A-Paw” before spending any money.  I am truly amazed that the Shake-A-Paw training tip helped him learn the trick in 2 days.


Since the free lesson video worked so fast, I decided to buy the entire course.  In addition to teaching tricks, this course offers training on many other aspects of dog training and may help my pup develop into a well mannered fun loving dog.


Until next time, hug your pet and make sure to have some fun with them!

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