I Love This Gadget!

One of the most nerve racking support sessions I have to perform in my job is when I need to deal with the disk or file system on a computer because it holds all the vital data.  I get that nervous, queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when someone calls about a crashed computer and tells me they have NO RECENT BACKUP.  (For the life of me I can’t figure out why people don’t keep backups?).

In the past, I’d try to recover the data from the crashed hard drive by physically removing it from the problem PC and using it as a second drive in a working system.  If any of you have ever tried this you’d know that it can be a bit time consuming to make these hardware changes and then you may find out that the data is not even recognizable.

All my IT friends are always looking for “gadgets” that they can keep in their tool kits that will make their job easier.  It’s not that we’re lazy, it’s because you can save your clients money when you bill by the hour and you can also do more jobs in less time so you can make more money.  It becomes a Win-Win when you have good “gadgets”!

One of my favorite “gadgets” when working with a crashed hard drive is a USB Drive Adapter.  If you’ve never seen one of these before, the picture is a Coolmax IDE to SATA Multifunction Converter (photo copyright Coolmax) and sells for under $25.00.  I bought mine at TigerDirect.com but this model is available on many other websites.

Coolmax IDE-SATA to USB Adapter

Coolmax IDE-SATA to USB Adapter

These devices allow you to connect 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch, and 5.25-inch IDE or SATA drives to a computer through the USB port. Not only does it provide easy connections for troubleshooting problematic hard drives but you can use it to transfer data when upgrading or to backup your data by touching a single button!

For the price, these gadgets are a must for the tech’s tool kit. If you’re a home user or small business owner that doesn’t do frequent backups of your valuable data, these devices are something you should purchase for simple “one Button” backups.

There are many different models & vendors that make these so a quick web search for “USB to IDE Adapter” will give you enough websites to choose from for your purchase. Some models support both PC & MAC as well as Operating Systems back as far as Windows 98. Just check the specs before you make your purchase to be sure it’ll work with your Operating System.

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  1. Hi Donna,

    This is really useful info. I am currently undergoing a tax inspection and my computer with all the accounts on it has gone kaput. (I too never back up!) I think I must get one of these little things.

    Enjoy the journey.


  2. Hi Donna,

    I hear you about ‘back-ups’. When I worked with my PC clients in the past, I wish I would have known about this little gadget 🙂 As a MAC person, I am a little lazy about back-ups too … will do one today!!

    Great post … as always 🙂

  3. Hi Donna
    Thanks for the info as someone who is not techi and does not backup this device will be very useful. Any device that can automate or simplify any of the tasks required to make a success on the internet is a must have.

  4. Hi Donna
    As someone who has recently had a pc pack up on me, this is definitely a gadget that I could use…and yes I was also guilty of not backing up regularly.
    Thanks for the info.

  5. Hi Donna,

    Looks kike a good bit of kit, although i`m not techy myself?


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  8. I do back ups using Carbonite but the low price and size of this gadget make it a must have.

    Thanks for the tip


  9. Just thought I would pop by to say hello as I am also a Masterclass student!

    I am really enjoying the course and getting a lot from it – how about you?

    Hope to speak to you soon in the forum as I think that will be available very soon.

    Best Wishes

  10. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the tip.

    I do manual regular backups to an external drive, so I am prepared that way.

    This device would definitely make things easier if I had a sudden failure and had not backed up data in time.

    Thanks and continued success,


  11. Hi Donna. I must not be as techy as I thought I was. Have not seen one of these gadgets. Used to be you needed to get a hard drive enclosure. This gadget is more user friendly. Thanks for the info!

    Take care,

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  14. Hi Donna:

    If I understand you correctly this particular device would plug into my USB port and all my files could be backed up. What is its memory capacity and what is the difference between using this device and a USB flash drive for backing up a computer?


  15. Hi Donna,

    Thanks for the ‘heads up’ on the USB drive adapter. After many years as a programmer I learned (sometimes the hard way) just how critical it is to perform backups regularly. I can’t imagine how challenging it would be to handle other peoples data… that like the ‘life-blood’ for their business.

    Better you than me! 🙂

    I hope the JTMC course has gone well for you. It certainly is a wealth of information.

  16. 2009 JTMC Stuudent.I see that you have made a few changes.Looking good!
    I have a few new things going too!
    I hope all works out for you.

  17. Hey Donna, Ex Master Class Student (is there any such thing, it’s a continuous learning curve!). Like the gadget! I’m a little techy myself and any time saving gadgets are way cool! I do backup but perhaps not as regularly as I should do!!

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    Keep up the obvious good work Donna, the creative juices will flow, sometimes eventually!, mine took two years (LOL) but you look as if you are well on the way.

    Best Regards

    John Chadwick

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