And So It Begins!

What begins you ask?  It was the arrival of my adopted puppy named Patch. He was a 10 week old rescue pup that I found on the Internet. Isn’t it amazing what you can do & find on the Web?


Patch was almost destroyed by a very cruel person trying to drown the litter of pups but a kind woman came to the rescue saving him from his demise so she could place him in a good home through adoption.


If any of you are pet lovers, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the many “beginnings” I’m experiencing. The very first “beginning” was the challenge of housebreaking the pup in the dead of winter with 6+ inches of ice covered snow on the ground.  Of course navigating those conditions were harder for me than Patch.


I scoured the Web trying to obtain as much information as I could about housebreaking puppies and while no one offered a “Magic Bullet” or “Housebreaking Pill”, the common theme was patience and persistence. 


Patch is now 13 weeks old and has not had an “accident” in the house for the last 12 days.  All it took was many trips outdoors after naps, playing and eating along with several hundred puppy treats to reward him for remembering to only “go” outside.


Is it always this easy?  Most people would tell you it is not so either I got a smart puppy or the 50 trips a day to the back yard in single digit temps paid off! 


There are many deserving animals that need homes and if you’re looking for a new pet, try adoption before going to a pet store.  The petfinder website was very helpful in finding the family’s new best friend.

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  1. As the owner of an 11 year old golden retriever (and a 16 year old golden prior to Sadie) I can truly appreciate the unconditional love without asking for much in return. As my girl gets older I occassionaly contemplate getting another puppy, but always come to the same conclusion – it would rock Sadie’s world and she’s been way too good to me to do that to her.

    I do, however, search the shelter sites so I know how many dogs are out there that need homes – I hope your readers will go to petfinder and adopt some needy, lovable pets!

  2. Hi Sadie’s Mom – Thanks for your comments about petfinder. I hope you’ll have Sadie for a long, long time!

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