A Tornado Hit My House!

Not really but that’s what I thought after seeing what my unattended 4 month old puppy could do to my home!  How could something this cute be as bad as a tornado? 



I have been on a spring clean up mission and luckily located a company that could provide a quick pick up service. They were willing to remove my dead 1970’s avocado green refrigerator along with ten old computers, monitors, scanners and 20 boxes of miscellaneous computer parts for $100.00 flat.  That’s a real bargain considering that it would cost me double that price to make sure these items were disposed of in a “green manner”.  I also got the added bonus of them doing all the heavy lifting!

When the husband & wife team of J&J Hauling arrived in my driveway, I quickly put the puppy in his crate with 2 favorite toys and treats so he wouldn’t get into trouble while I was monitoring the job. (That’s a very smart move, right?)  To be a bit more accurate, I really don’t have to put him anywhere.  When he sees me filling his favorite puppy Kong with kibble and peanut butter, he immediately goes into his crate and waits for me to deliver the goods.

During the junk hauling, I was chatting with them and somehow we got on the discussion about the puppy.  Both of them were animal lovers so they asked to see him.  I agreed and brought him to the basement for the meet and greet. After all, they weren’t being paid by the hour so what did I care if they blew a few extra minutes on the job?

Puppy play time was over, the junk was all loaded and it was time for me to pay up.  I took the puppy upstairs, grabbed money from my wallet and quickly ran down to the garage to pay them.  It was at this point that I went completely brain dead and forgot the #1 rule of NEVER LEAVE A PUPPY UNATTENDED.

The quick payment turned into a 15 minute discussion about my current renovations and when I went back upstairs, I almost fainted!  Pillows, bed sheets & blankets from 2 bedrooms were strewn about in the hallway, the throw rug from the bathroom was in the kitchen, a hand made afghan was pulled apart, the shower curtain was pulled from 3 of the hooks, my morning newspaper was shredded in the living room, a trash can was dumped and the puppy was streaking up and down the hallway having the best time he ever had in his short life.

So the moral of the story is keep your wits about you when living with a puppy because even when they’re cute they can become a destructive “tornado”!

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  1. I just wanted to say that things are looking good so far and to wish you the best of luck.

  2. Hi Donna,

    I’m also in John Masterclass and learning a ton of good stuff. Enjoying it very much. How are you enjoying the masterclass course so far? The site’s looking great.

    / Tomas Lodén
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  3. OMG!! This is so funny! Been there, seen it, done that! My first youngster was a rescue 10 months old and she relocated the coals from the fireplace (flame effect gas fire) into the back garden, and I will never forget the day/evening when DH and I popped next door for a Christmas Eve drink and came back into the house to find the Christmas tree pulled down, decs everywhere and ALL the presets ripped and opened! We had forgotten to LOCK the cage and Ghillie (puppy) had got out and she and Charlie (then 6) had had great fun playing! Wouldn’t be without them! Sadly Charlie died last year – still miss him. Personality so much bigger than his small size!



  4. Donna

    love the post and the dog.

    Regards Bob

  5. Thanks Susan

    This is not a unique story for people who’ve had the pleasure (yes I said pleasure) of raising a pup but it can be a hoot to read someone else’s escapades. I am just so sorry I didn’t take the time to snap a few pictures. Oh well, live and learn.

    Sorry to hear about your loss and I hope you have the chance to raise another rescue pup


  6. Our litte ‘pet’ was once found starting to shred my tax return form that had taken hours to complete. I rescued it just in time.
    I think it’s the inintial shock that makes such events so memorable.


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