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My Creative Juices are M.I.A.

This week has been extremely stressful for me because my Masterclass assignment takes me into a very uncomfortable place called the “creative zone”.  You see, I’m a logical thinker and that leaves me a tad short on the creativity gene.  Trying to be creative scares me as much as walking along the side of a […]

Are You Going Green?

It almost sounds like I should have posted this yesterday in honor of St. Patrick’s Day but that’s not the “green” I’m referring to.  I’m asking about “Going Green” to prevent toxic waste from hitting our landfills and to be more environmentally-responsible. One of the questions I get asked by clients many times a year […]

I Have Spring Fever

What do you think about when you know spring is right around the corner?  Is it gardening, mowing the lawn, being able to walk outside without the need for 3 layers of insulation?  I’m sure for the majority of people who live in the northeast section of the United States, spring means NO MORE SNOW […]

Baby Boomer Widget

Today is Sunday and that’s the day I normally kick back and relax while listening to music, reading a book or doing research on the web.  This morning while drinking my first cup of coffee, I decided to dust off my “vinyl” and give it a spin.  How many of you are baby boomers that still hold […]

A Tornado Hit My House!

Not really but that’s what I thought after seeing what my unattended 4 month old puppy could do to my home!  How could something this cute be as bad as a tornado?  I have been on a spring clean up mission and luckily located a company that could provide a quick pick up service. They […]

Can You Really Replace Yourself?

Small business owners are often reluctant to give up control of their day-to-day tasks for fear that the jobs won’t be completed with the same accuracy or speed that they would provide. I have personally operated under that time consuming philosophy for many years.  Yes I expanded my business but constantly working left little time […]

Work Hard or Hardly Work?

In today’s email, I received a newsletter that included this quote – “The world is full of willing people; some willing to work, the rest willing to let them.”  — Robert Frost   After reading this I concluded that I fell into the first category. Throughout our lives we are taught that the harder you […]